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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2006, 07:11 GMT
Farmers reap late raspberry crop
Raspberry picking in Northumberland
A bumper crop of November raspberries in Northumberland
Farmers in Northumberland have forgotten the snow drifts more associated with this time of year and are instead picking fruit.

As December approaches workers are still in the fields and adding to the 2006 crop of raspberries.

The lack of any notable frost and cold snaps has seen fruit grow past its usual date.

And that means the pickers are still out in the mild weather at Brocksbushes Farm, in Stocksfield.

Cold snap

Temperatures in the area have averaged about 11C over the past weeks, with predictions of even higher temperatures in the coming days.

Farm office worker Amanda Pigg, said: "The raspberries would not normally be there at this time of year as we would normally have a frost and it's after the first frost that we usually stop."

The farm's first crop for next year is asparagus and as that needs warm weather to grow the farm is hopeful that 2007 is also a warm year.

She added: "We start with asparagus in April and as that is very weather dependent let's hope we have more warm weather next year."

Weather forecasters say it will now take a prolonged cold snap to prevent 2006 being the warmest year on record in Britain with this autumn set to be the warmest on record as well.

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