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Mother describes abduction panic
Back alley where abducted girl was found
The six-year-old girl was found naked in a back alley
The mother of a young girl has told a court about the moment she realised her daughter had been taken from her bath.

Peter Voisey, 35, of Blyth, is charged with abducting a girl aged six from her Tyneside home in December, then raping and sexually assaulting her.

The girl's mother told Newcastle Crown Court she had heard the child talking from the next room, but thought she was playing with her toys.

She investigated and found the back door open and her daughter missing.

Mr Voisey is accused of driving the girl around North Tyneside and repeatedly sexually assaulting her, before abandoning her in an alley.

I heard, 'What are you doing in here?'... I thought she was talking to her toys, which would have been usual
The young girl's mother

The mother told the court how on the evening of 27 December the girl and her younger brother had shared a bath, and the girl had been left alone to play with her toys.

She said: "Then I heard, 'What are you doing in here'?

"She said it, she was not scared or anything. I thought she was talking to her toys, which would have been usual.

"I didn't respond to that comment, I wish I had now, but I didn't.

"Then I heard the car. I shouted, 'Are you OK'? Her voice was not there any more. That was unusual because she doesn't shut up, but there was no response.

Frantic search

"The telly was on so I turned it down because I might have missed her saying 'yeah'. I called her again, again there was silence."

She frantically searched the flat, in Willington Quay, North Tyneside, before calling the police.

Minutes later the police arrived and quickly established that the girl has been found in the alley nearby.

Mr Voisey, also known as Smith, of Renwick Road, Blyth, denies all charges.

The trial continues.


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