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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 April 2006, 08:09 GMT 09:09 UK
A dog's dinner for polar explorer
Conrad Dickinson
Conrad Dickinson is hoping to beat the current 63-day record
An explorer is eating specially-adapted dog food to fuel his Polar marathon.

Conrad Dickinson, from Northumberland, set off last month on his 482-mile unsupported trek from the Canadian High Arctic to the Geographic North Pole.

The Hexham businessman is eating food intended for Antarctic sledge dogs, high in protein and fat, to provide the 7,000 calories a day he needs.

The special mixture, called pemmican, has been adjusted by a French chef to make it more palatable.

'Toughest route'

Mr Dickinson, 50, is accompanied by Canadian skier Richard Weber with both men dragging sledges loaded with equipment and weighing a total of 600lbs (272 kilos).

They have completed a third of the distance and must reach their goal by 29 April which is the last date they can be taken off the ice by plane.

If he achieves his 56-day deadline, Mr Dickinson will beat the previous fastest unsupported time by seven days.

Only 10 people have ever completed the journey rated as the toughest route to the pole.


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