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Last Updated: Monday, 6 March 2006, 20:21 GMT
Birds wow the crowds at bus stop
Red kite
Red kites can reach a wing span of up to six foot
Rare birds of prey have attracted hundreds of people to a bus stop viewpoint on Tyneside.

Up to 30 red kites are roosting close to the Sherburn Towers Estate, near Rowlands Gill.

The birds, which were successfully re-introduced to the North East in 2004 after a 150 year absence, give spectacular evening aerial displays.

Around 250 people braved sub-zero temperatures to see them during a series of events last week.

The 'roost watch' evenings were organised by the Northern Kites project team, which set up telescopes overlooking the farmland where the birds have been spending the winter nights.

Most of the people who came along were from the local area, but the project team also welcomed visitors from Northumberland, Co Durham and North Yorkshire.

One man even brought his caravan so that he could stay overnight to watch them.


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