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Polar explorer's tough challenge
Conrad Dickinson and his wife Hilary
The couple reached the South Pole in December 2004.
An explorer is preparing to take on what has been described as "the hardest expedition in the world".

Conrad Dickinson from Northumberland, will set off in March on the 482-mile crossing from the Canadian High Arctic to the Geographic North Pole.

He and Canadian champion skier Richard Weber will each haul 330lb sledges.

Last year, Mr Dickinson, 50 and his wife Hilary, from Hexham, become the first British husband and wife team to trek to the South Pole unsupported.

Mr Dickinson said: "There really is only one great journey left for me and it is this one.

"As I reckon I will only have one chance to achieve it, I want to try it unsupported from the Canadian side, considered the toughest expedition in the world."

His Northgate North Pole 'Classic' unsupported expedition has been described on the ExplorersWeb website as "the hardest expedition in the world, equivalent to climbing Everest without oxygen".

Mr and Mrs Dickinson set off from Hercules Inlet in Antarctica and reached the Geographic South Pole in December 2004. They then kite-skied back.

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