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Gravy train to success for artist
Teddy bear made from Oxo cubes and wrapping
Oxo cubes and wrapping are used to create a teddy bear
A Tyneside artist has followed in the footsteps of Andy Warhol by using a well-known kitchen brand name to create a work of art.

Paul Birdsall, from Newcastle, has crafted four sculptures using nothing more than Oxo cubes.

The crumbly brown cubes, silver foil wrapping and outer cardboard packaging are the only materials the 27-year-old artist uses.

Among his creations are wine bottles, Christmas pudding, and a teddy bear.

Mr Birdsall shaped the small square cubes, which come in three shades of brown depending on the flavour, into a pudding and topped it with green outer packaging in the shape of holly leaves.

Hundreds of the shiny silver wrapped cubes have been crafted into the shape of a champagne bottle, while the square cardboard boxes the cubes are packaged in were used to build a robot.

Oxo Christmas pudding
A Christmas pudding made from Oxo cubes
He said he came up with the idea for his creations as he was crumbling an Oxo cube.

He said: "It was when sprinkling an Oxo cube one day that I thought what a great consistency the product had.

"I am always sourcing alternative materials with which to create things, so I got working, but what began as a bit of a play around then became an obsession."

In the 1960s American artist Warhol turned 32 Campbell's Soup Cans into an instantly recognisable work of art.

Mr Birdsall's figures will be displayed at the headquarters of Campbell's, which owns Oxo, alongside their Warhol tribute.

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