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Calendar shows run-down buildings
Spanish City, Whitley Bay
Plans for a 60m redevelopment of the site have been announced
A resident of a Tyneside seaside resort has produced a calendar featuring run-down buildings to try to speed up its regeneration.

Mike Read said he was fed up of the dilapidated state of some of the buildings in Whitley Bay.

He said there had been talk about regenerating the area for years, but that no progress has been made.

This week, North Tyneside Council revealed details of 60m plans to redevelop the town's Spanish City area.

Mr Read said: "I walk my dog every day past these eyesores. You are almost embarrassed to say you live here.

"I thought by sending the council a calendar, it would remind them every day that these buildings are still here.

We want something that will attract people into the town
Mike Read

"We have been told for years that it is being regenerated but years down the line it is still the same.

"I need convincing and so does everyone else. If it does happen and they get the balance of it right, then fantastic. We want something that will attract people into the town."

The Whitley Decay calendar features six pages with dilapidated buildings around the town. Mr Read said he had had orders for 400.

Earlier this week, plans were unveiled to spend 60m redeveloping part of the area. Plans include new homes, a swimming pool, a hotel and an arts complex.

Planning applications are due to be submitted in March and the council expects full building work to start on the site in July.

A North Tyneside Council spokesman said: "We have noted Mr Read's comments and are keen to work with residents to make the regeneration of Whitley Bay a real and lasting success."

Calendar shows village squalor
28 Mar 03 |  England

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