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Last Updated: Monday, 12 December 2005, 15:56 GMT
Officers cleared after man killed
Scene of Stocksfield shooting
A search of the scene revealed a homemade weapon
No criminal charges are to result from the shooting of a man in Northumberland by armed police officers, investigators have concluded.

John Mark Scott, 42, died from a single shot fired by a police marksman in the village of Stocksfield on 16 July.

He had barricaded himself inside a house in Kimberley Gardens after being seen assaulting a woman in the street.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it had passed the case to the Newcastle coroner.

An initial investigation by Northumbria Police revealed Mr Scott had a homemade gun and shotgun ammunition was found in his house.

Mr Scott was shot after an officer on his way to an un-related incident saw him assaulting a woman near his Kimberly Gardens home.

'Difficult situation'

Mr Scott discharged a weapon as the office intervened. The officer, who was unhurt, used CS spray to defend himself.

Armed response officers were called and a stand-off developed. A single shot killed Mr Scott when he appeared at an upstairs window with what appeared to be a weapon.

The IPCC investigation was led by senior investigator Joe Penrose and overseen by Gary Garland, IPCC commissioner for the North East.

Mr Garland said: "The police were faced with a terribly difficult situation that tragically ended with the death of Mark Scott and we have carried out a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding this.

"We have reviewed all the available material gathered in the investigation and there is nothing in the report of the investigation or that material to suggest that any criminal offence may have been committed by any officer involved.

"Mr Scott's family and the firearms officers have been advised of my decision.

"A copy of our report has now been passed on to HM Coroner for Newcastle, David Mitford, and in due course he will resume the inquest into Mr Scott's death."

A post-mortem examination revealed Mr Scott died from a single shot to his chest.


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