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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 November 2005, 15:04 GMT
Theme walk to honour King Oswald
Walkers will soon be able to follow in the footsteps of one of Northumbria's most famous 7th century kings as he journeyed from his castle to battle.

Alnwick District Council is developing the St Oswald's Way project, a 62-mile themed walk, along what is believed to be an old pilgrim route.

The route will run from Bamburgh Castle to where the Battle of Heavenfield took place near Chollerford in AD 635.

The walk will also take in the villages of Alnmouth, Felton, and Rothbury.

King Oswald, who died in 642 AD, is famous for unifying warring factions in Northumbria and helping to introduce Celtic Christianity to the region.

During the Battle of Heavenfield he defeated his Welsh enemy King Cadwallon of Gwynedd.

'Visitor attraction'

The route will follow existing rights of way and footpaths and there will be panels erected along the walk telling the history of the famous king.

John Rutherford, of Alnwick Council, said: "Walking is a popular activity and this project will cater for the serious hiker or for those who want a more leisurely stroll in attractive and varied countryside.

"The route and its history will be of interest to both local residents and visitors and be of regional significance.

"There will be opportunities for local business to diversify and take advantage of this visitor attraction, which is welcome news."

Partners of the project, which will be completed next year, are Berwick Borough, Castle Morpeth and Tynedale councils.


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