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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 October 2005, 09:45 GMT 10:45 UK
Concern over Metro station plan
Metro train
Nexus hopes trains will start running through the station early in 2007
People living near a proposed new Metro station on South Tyneside say they are worried it will lead to an increase in crime in the area.

Operator Nexus wants to build the station at Simonside, in South Shields.

But some people living nearby fear it will mean increases in crime, noise and traffic and cause parking problems.

Nexus said the scheme aimed to improve accessibility so people had more job opportunities and rejected fears that it would mean an increase in crime.

Resident Margaret Cummings said: "We believe increased crime will come to the area and we will have youths congregating at the station."

CCTV cameras

She said there were also worries there would be increased traffic and there were already parking problems in the area, which they feared would be made worse.

Another concern was about increased noise, she said.

Nexus director general Mike Parker said it was giving people work opportunities, particularly those without cars, who would not be able to get to jobs without the Metro.

He said he believed it would mean less traffic in the area and rejected the claim there was more crime around the Metro system.

He said a new station would bring more CCTV cameras.

If planning permission is granted for the station, Nexus plans to have the first train running through it in early 2007.

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