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Last Updated: Monday, 21 February, 2005, 06:20 GMT
Chinese arch officially unveiled
Chinese arch design
The arch stands 11m high
A ceremonial arch at the entrance to Newcastle's Chinatown district was being officially unveiled on Monday.

Lord Mayor of the city, George Douglas will take part in a Feng Shui ritual to bless the 11 metres high landmark.

The arch, in St Andrew's Street, is a traditional symbol of prosperity and success and celebrates the regeneration of Chinatown.

Mr Douglas was also dotting the eyes of the two stone lions at the arch's base to bring good luck to the site.

'Cultural growth'

Built in the style of a Chinese royal palace, the symbol is made of stone and wood, and decorated with glazed tiles and elaborate paintings.

The Chinese community raised 65,000 towards its total cost of 475,000, with the remainder funded by Newcastle City Council, One NorthEast, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Sponsors Club for Arts and Business.

Celia Chan, from the Chinese Festivity Group on Tyneside, said: "2005 is a very special year in Newcastle as this is the year we can enjoy displaying our new ceremonial arch.

"It is a sign of vitality and strength of the people in the area who bring economic, social and cultural growth to the city."


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