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Last Updated: Friday, 18 February, 2005, 12:49 GMT
Teacher guilty of aiding cheating
A teacher who helped pupils to cheat during an exam has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

Nathan Proud, formerly a teacher at Thomas Walling Primary School, Blakelaw Newcastle, can still teach but has been banned from invigilating at exams.

A hearing of the General Teaching Council (GTC) heard how Mr Proud of Heaton, had talked to pupils about rubbing out answers and changing them.

But an allegation that he directly told pupils correct answers was thrown out.

The GTC heard how Mr Proud, who was not at the two-day hearing, gave year six pupils inappropriate guidance during a Key Stage Two maths exam in May 2002.

Mr Proud, of Heaton, Newcastle was suspended from his job at the 350-pupil school in August 2002 and sacked for gross misconduct in May 2003.

Right to appeal

He was given a conditional registration order which means he cannot supervise exams until he has undergone appropriate retraining and provide evidence to the GTC.

Gail Mortimer, chair of committee, said: "The public, parents and fellow professionals have a right to expect teachers to act with a high degree of probity in the conduct of public examinations.

"Mr Proud's actions contravened guidelines and in this respect his behaviour fell short of the standards expected of the teaching profession.

"We have considered the information presented to us concerning Mr Proud's previous career record and the references provided and we do not think that he should be prevented from teaching at all."

Mr Proud has the right to appeal against the decision at the High Court.

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