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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 August 2005, 16:19 GMT 17:19 UK
Mother uses GPS to guide rescuers
Ann Jobe
Ann Jobe used satellite navigation equipment to guide rescuers
A Tyneside mother used a hand-held global positioning system (GPS) to lead rescuers to where her 10-year-old son fell 30ft down a Scottish mountain.

Ann Jobe, 47, from Newcastle, was walking with her husband and son Ewan on Ben Cruachan in Argyll and Bute when the boy slipped down the mountain.

They summoned help with a mobile phone and used their hand-held satellite navigation device to guide rescuers.

Within an hour the emergency services had arrived at the scene.

The youngster was airlifted to Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital where he was recovering on Wednesday after an operation on his leg.

Mrs Jobe said she was relieved her son was all right and paid tribute to those who carried out the rescue on Tuesday evening.

She added: "We had been aiming to climb to the summit - the weather had been lovely and then it changed.

Being prepared

"We decided to come back down and that's when Ewan slipped. It was awful. He was about 30ft down some very slippy rocks.

"We managed to slide down after him. I think he might have been unconscious for a little while but we kept talking to him and he managed to respond.

Mrs Jobe underlined the importance of being prepared while walking in the mountains.

She said: "We were fortunate to have a mobile phone and also a GPS system. It was expensive, but at a time like that it was worth it."

GPS equipment has become increasingly popular with UK motorists.

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