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Villagers address their concerns
A campaign has been launched by residents who want to see themselves as first class Northumbrians.

The villagers living in south-east Northumberland say they are fed up with their post being classed by the Royal Mail as Tyne and Wear.

One angry Seaton Sluice resident, Robert Wilson, described the current classification as an "indignity".

Royal Mail said it is a postcode not a county that is needed and the county is not required for sorting and delivery.

Seaton Sluice and other villages have suffered the indignity of being described as Tyne and Wear
Robert Wilson, resident

Villages on the border of south-east Northumberland, including Seaton Delaval, Holywell, Seghill and New Hartley are all officially classed as Tyne and Wear, despite forming part of the county of Northumberland.

Northumberland County Council is fighting on behalf of the villagers to get the address changed and is lobbying Royal Mail and Stephen Timms, the minister for postal services.

History and culture

Mr Wilson said: "Seaton Sluice and other villages have suffered the indignity of being described as Tyne and Wear by Royal Mail for many years.

"I have asked Royal Mail time and time again to delete Tyne and Wear and leave Northumberland in the address, but they are adamant that Tyne and Wear stays.

"My village and all those concerned are steeped in a history and culture of their own and that is firmly anchored in Northumberland.''

Royal Mail said in a statement to the BBC: "A county is not part of anyone's official postal address and is not required for Royal Mail sorting and delivery purposes.

"On the database we supply for each address, customers can opt for information on the former postal county, the administrative county, the historic county, or they can remove the county information altogether.

"The house number or name, the correct post town and postcode are the minimum requirements to ensure mail is correctly delivered."



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