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Crackdown on drunken misbehaviour

Police plan to use laws to stop drunken anti-social behaviour before it even happens this Christmas, on Teesside.

Patrols across the Stockton area will aim to intervene in situations likely to lead to violence, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

They will issue a "direction to leave" to those who have drunk too much or are being rowdy, under the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.

Police said people who ignore or refuse to take instructions will be arrested.

Officers will record the issue of notice with head cameras.

The direction can prohibit their return for up to 48 hours.

Officers with patrol popular drinking areas across Stockton including Yarm, Stockton High Street, Thornaby and Billingham throughout December.

Ch Insp Derek Carter said: "If everyone drinks responsibly, acts sensibly and gives consideration to other party-goers, it should be a good Christmas for everyone.

"Anyone who chooses to ignore this and act in a drunken and anti-social way, will be instructed by my officers to leave the area.

"Those who refuse, or return within the specified time limit, will be arrested and face a court appearance."

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