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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 February 2008, 12:55 GMT
Presenter's award for on-air rant
Jeff Stelling (Courtesy of Sky Sports)
The rant lasted almost two minutes
A Sky Sports presenter is being honoured for his passionate defence of Middlesbrough after it was branded the worst place to live in the UK.

Jeff Stelling launched an on-air rant against Channel 4 show "Location, Location, Location" when it awarded the town the unwanted accolade last year.

He described the poll's compilers as "latte drinkers" who only ever ventured north for the Edinburgh Festival.

The presenter is now being rewarded with a miniature Brian Clough statue.

Hartlepool-born Mr Stelling, launched the almost two-minute long tirade on Sky's Soccer Saturday show.

Viewers looked on as he described the Channel 4 programme's producers as the sort of people who called mushy peas, guacamole and used Blackberry devices on silent train carriages.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
The presenter hailed Middlesbrough's Transporter Bridge

He also hailed the area's landmarks, such as the Transporter Bridge and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, as well as lauding Teesside born celebrities like magician Paul Daniels and comedian Roy chubby Brown

Speaking on Wednesday, he said: "I got a bit carried away but I was so frustrated and everybody has pride in their region.

"I was just lucky enough to have a platform where I could have my say."

The honour is being bestowed by organisers of the Brian Clough Memorial Fund committee, which unveiled a 7ft-tall statue of the legendary football manager in Middlesbrough's Albert Park in May.

The committee also commissioned 10 miniature replica versions, nine of which have been auctioned off.

Mr Stelling said: "I was blown away when I got the call as Brian Clough is a big hero of mine."

Middlesbrough mayor Ray Mallon demanded an apology from Channel 4 saying the borough had been misrepresented in the programme broadcast in November.

Channel 4 said the independent survey was based on data from bodies including local authorities, the Home Office and Office for National Statistics.

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