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Lego fan marks 50th anniversary
Lego collection
Phil Traviss's collection takes up much of his home
A Teesside man who claims to have the biggest collection of Lego in the country has marked the iconic brick's 50th anniversary.

Phil Traviss, from Yarm, has more than 500,000 coloured bricks and has been collecting the pieces for 25 years.

The 50-year-old said he has spent tens of thousands of pounds on his haul which takes up most of his home.

In January 1958, Lego's Danish founder Ole Kirk Christansen secured the patent for the modern day brick design.

The toy has gone onto to become one of the biggest sellers in history.

Phil Traviss
Phil Traviss has been collecting Lego for 25 years

Mr Traviss said: "Like most kids I was given a few sets of Lego but when I got to 25 I had the urge to build a collection.

"The posh room in our house is now stacked to the ceiling with boxes of Lego, and there are other rooms filled.

"My family don't quite have my enthusiasm but I think they enjoy it too.

"The 50th anniversary is a great milestone and I have been sharing my experiences with other collectors and builders across the country.

"But it is not just the bricks I have, I've got models used in shop displays which have been glued together, egg cups, badges, glasses anything to do with Lego really."

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