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MP in plea over ancient treasure
Anglo-Saxon jewellery found near Redcar
The artefacts were found in a field near Redcar
Rare Anglo-Saxon treasures discovered in a Teesside field will almost certainly be allowed to remain in the area, the government has said.

Gold jewellery, weapons and clothing were found at a 109-grave cemetery, near Redcar, believed to date from the middle of the 7th Century.

Excavations were carried out after freelance archaeologist Steve Sherlock studied an aerial photo of the land.

Culture Minister Margaret Hodge said the find would not end up in London.

The site is thought to be the only one in the north of England which may have connections with the ancient Royal Family of Northumbria.

Amid concerns that the treasures could end up displayed at the British Museum, the Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Ashok Kumar, raised the case in the House of Commons.

Local museum

He told Ms Hodge that a campaign had been mounted to keep the find in the Teesside area.

He said: They want these objects to be put on display locally for everyone to see, free of charge and within a designated secure exhibition."

Ms Hodge said: "The British Museum has confirmed that it has always been their understanding that the objects from the Loftus excavations would be acquired by a local museum.

"So I can assure the honourable member that the path will be entirely clear for a museum in Cleveland to acquire the objects."

Excavations began in 2005 and continued until late last year under Mr Sherlock's supervision, with help from local archaeologists and volunteers.

The team eventually uncovered an area the size of half a football pitch.

Some of the artefacts from the burial site

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