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Man threw dogs into path of cars
Paul Postgate
Paul Postgate was accused of animal cruelty
A Teesside man has been given a five-year Asbo for a string of offences, including throwing dogs into the path of oncoming traffic.

Cleveland Police, Redcar and Cleveland Council and the RSPCA sought the order against Paul Postgate, from Boosbeck, after 20 incidents in six months.

Other offences included being in control of dangerous dogs and being under the influence of drugs.

Postgate, 45, was said to have plagued surrounding areas for months.

The majority of the incidents took place in Lingdale and Boosbeck, although some offences were also carried out in Loftus, Guisborough Skelton, Redcar, Saltburn and Lazenby.

Cleveland Police said many residents were intimidated by Postgate's anti-social behaviour and by his physical appearance.

Some very brave actions took place to take these dogs out of danger
Sgt Brian Tams
Cleveland Police

A spokesman said: "It is clear members of the public are concerned for their personal safety and feel deeply distressed and incensed by his behaviour towards animals in his possession in public.

"This order would not have been possible without the support and assistance of the numerous members of the public who have reported incidents to the agencies and have provided the information to support this application."

Police said reported incidents included one in Boosebeck, where Postgate jumped into the path of a vehicle while carrying a lurcher-type dog, almost causing a serious accident.

In Lingdale, Postgate jumped onto the bonnet of a moving vehicle. He then jumped off the bonnet and stood in the middle of the road.

As the vehicle manoeuvred away, Postgate grabbed the lurcher-type dog by the scruff of the neck, pushed its face into the ground and kicked it three or four times.

'Community spirit'

Also in Lingdale, Postgate was seen walking down the centre of a busy main road with two dogs chained together - one of which was a bullmastiff bitch, which had recently given birth and was leaking milk.

Sgt Brian Tams, of Cleveland Police, added: "The community of East Cleveland really pulled together to try to tackle someone who was instilling a disproportionate level of the fear of crime within their midst. "Some very brave actions also took place to take these dogs out of danger.

"This has showed that things like cruelty, crime and anti-social behaviour are committed by a small number of offenders but have a massive impact on the areas they affect.

"The villages of Lingdale, Brotton, Skelton and Boosebeck really showed their community spirit in dealing with something they knew was wrong.

"We have worked closely with our partners at Redcar & Cleveland Council's Safer Stronger Communities and also with the RSPCA and are very pleased with this outcome."

Police said Postgate's dogs were now with the RSPCA.

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