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Killer-risk sugar dummy warning
Seized sugar dummy
The sugar dummies should not be given to children
Potentially lethal sugar dummies have been found on sale on Teesside.

Trading standards officers have warned retailers and the public to be on their guard after the sweets were discovered in two shops in Hartlepool.

The type was banned in 1993, amid fears that the candy teats could easily become detached and risk put babies and children at risk of choking.

Consumers are asked to report any sighting of them to Hartlepool Council's trading standards department.

Michael Welsh, the council's principal trading standards officer, said: "These types of imitation dummies were banned in 1993 and up until now we haven't seen any.

"They are sold on a plastic dummy tree and any retailer who has purchased stocks should return them to the supplier and inform trading standards.

"Equally, customers who have bought any of the dummies should return them immediately to the retailer concerned.

"Under no circumstances should they be given to a child."

Dummies 'could kill' children
22 Oct 03 |  West Midlands

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