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Tide danger warning after rescue
The RNLI is warning about the danger of rising tides after a man was rescued from the foot of North East cliffs.

Lifeboat crews found him confused and suffering from mild hypothermia at Hunt Cliff, near Saltburn, after he alerted the coastguard.

Redcar Lifeboat Station's inshore lifeboat was used to retrieve the man on Saturday afternoon.

The Hunt Cliff coastline can be extremely treacherous, according to RNLI spokesman Dave Cammish.

He said: "People try to walk round on a fairly decent day from the foot of Hunt Cliff to Saltburn, but it's very deceptive - it can look as if there's a way around.

"It's quite easy to get halfway round and find that the path ahead is blocked by the tide and then by turning around and starting to go back, you find it's sneaked up on you again."

Sea pursuits prompt rescue rise
21 Feb 06 |  England

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