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Stores fined over dumped trolleys
Dumped trolley
Stores must pay up to 130 for each abandoned trolley
A local authority is fining stores more than 100 for dumped trolleys.

Middlesbrough Council introduced the levy, of up to 130 per trolley, because of public concern over the growing "eyesore and nuisance".

The council claims 84 fines have been issued in the first few weeks of the new scheme.

If a store collects trolleys immediately they are charged 110. But if they fail to collect it within six weeks, the bill increases to 130.

'Essential initiative'

The council said it retrieves about 1,300 trolleys a year.

Barry Coppinger, the council's executive member for community safety and leisure, said: "Almost all the trolleys we have collected are identifiable so their owners will be getting a bill.

"Abandoned trolleys are an eyesore and a nuisance and there can be few people who haven't seen one dumped.

"This initiative is essential to protect the environment and to encourage supermarkets to take steps to ensure that fewer trolleys go missing.

"We do mean business and the shops these trolleys belong to will be charged for having them returned or their disposal.

"We can't allow the environment to be trashed in this way or public money wasted."

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