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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 12:20 GMT
Police probe Tees prostitute link
Vicky Glass
Vicky Glass was last seen in Middlesbrough in September 2000
Police investigating the murder of a Teesside prostitute will try to establish if there is any link with the deaths of five women in Suffolk.

The mutilated body of 21-year-old Vicky Glass was found on the North York Moors in November 2000, six weeks after she went missing from Middlesbrough.

Cleveland Police will speak to officers probing the deaths of three prostitutes and two other women near Ipswich.

The force said it would be pursuing the line of inquiry as a matter of course.

Is the same person who killed Vicky responsible? Could he have moved? Is he travelling from one area to another?
Debbie Goodall, Vicky Glass' mother

A spokeswoman said: "We always liaise with forces around the country if any crimes mirror unsolved inquiries in our region.

"We will be speaking with Suffolk Police to see if there are any connections with the murder of Vicky Glass."

The 21-year-old, who turned to prostitution to feed her heroin addiction, was last seen in Middlesbrough's Shipmate pub on 24 September 2000.

Her remains were found by a man walking his dog in Danby, North Yorkshire.

Speaking on Wednesday, Ms Glass' mother said that the Ipswich killings had brought back the pain of her daughter's death.

'Inner strength'

Debbie Goodall said: "It brought everything back to me because everything is so similar to the way Vicky was found.

"Vicky's death haunts me every day. You gain an inner strength to go on but I think about her every day and I will do until I die.

"As I watched I thought: 'Is the same person who killed Vicky responsible? Could he have moved? Is he travelling from one area to another?'"

In 2003, police said they had received fresh information, but no arrests have ever been made in relation to Ms Glass' death.

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