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Mother hands over sword petition
Barbara Dunne
Mrs Dunne aims to get bladed weapons banned from sale
The mother of a man killed with a samurai sword is delivering a petition to Downing Street calling for bladed weapons to be banned from sale.

Barbara Dunne's son Robert, 31, died in January 2003 in Middlesbrough after the 12-inch blade of the ornamental weapon punctured his heart.

Jason Kelly, who was 19, was jailed for life in July 2003 after pleading guilty to murder.

Mrs Dunne has collected more than 5,000 signatures on a petition.

She said: "We are going down to 10 Downing Street and we are handing the petition in with all the letters from MPs and chief constables that we have got.

Robert Dunne
Robert Dunne died from a single wound

"It is in the hope that the government are going to look at all bladed weapons and actually ban them from sale from being on the High Street, car boot sales and the Internet of course."

She said she expected to be quite emotional when she presented the petition, and said it was important she carried on with the campaign in her son's name.

She said: "I won't be stood there in my name, I will be stood there in Robert Dunne's name and a lot of other stabbing victims, I will be stood there for them."

A judge at Teesside Crown Court sentenced Kelly to life, with a recommendation he serve at least eight years.

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