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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 December, 2004, 10:08 GMT
Mining film becomes festive hit
Eston miners
Miners worked long hours underground
A film which tells the story of the north-east of England's forgotten miners is fast becoming a festive hit.

A Century in Stone, by Craig Hornby, tells the story of how Eston became the iron mining capital of the world after iron ore was discovered in 1850.

Its video release follows the film's initial success in cinemas, where it beat all other major pictures in Middlesbrough in its opening week.

Mr Hornby says he has been struggling to cope with demand for the video.

'Unique product'

He said: "In the last two weeks we've been running around like maniacs. I've dished out about 4,000 tapes and sold more than 2,000 now.

"We're selling at 22 outlets across Cleveland, and even had a signing session at Guisborough bookshop where about 100 people turned up. We sold 400 copies that day.

"It's a unique genuinely local product. We've created a market for a local film, and there's nothing else to compete against it really."

Mr Hornby founded Pancrack Pictures, a company which produces digital films about the Teesside and wider Cleveland area.

He says he has high expectations for the DVD release of the film, and intends to take it on a tour around Australia in 2005, where he thinks it will prove popular among ex-pats.

Film tells of 'forgotten' miners
30 Oct 04 |  England

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