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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 16:24 GMT
Motorists warned to see the light
Vehicles with blacked-out windows are being targeted as part of a two-week Cleveland Police operation designed to improve road safety.

Police say some blacked-out windows are a self-imposed hazard and can be particularly dangerous on dark nights.

The law says windscreens and the front passenger and driver's side windows must have 70% light transmission.

Police will be checking vehicles with tinted windows, and those breaking the law face a maximum fine of 2,500.

Light meter checks

Operation Cameo will be launched on 15 November, running for two weeks.

Pc Mick Watson said: "Some vehicles have windows that are totally blacked out.

"If you are coming up to a junction, it's dark and you have blacked-out windows can you really see what traffic is approaching? In our view it is unlikely you will get the whole picture.

"We will be carrying out light meter checks on all vehicles we come across with blacked-out windows to ensure they comply with current legislation."

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