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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 October, 2004, 10:11 GMT 11:11 UK
Expert welcomes stalking survey
A Teesside-based expert who studies the behaviour of stalkers has welcomed a new survey of victims' experiences.

Dr Rajesh Nadkarni from the Stalking Consultation Service in Middlesbrough, says the study should help establish a UK-wide framework to address stalking.

The report is being launched by the charity Network for Surviving Stalking (NSS) and the University of Leicester.

Dr Nadkarni said stalking is currently tackled differently by agencies across the country.

'Grappling the issue'

He said: "Around 900,000 people last year were identified as being victims of stalking, which makes it quite a significant social problem.

"But often it doesn't get identified or reported, and then it's not dealt with in the same manner across different parts of the country.

"Society is learning to grapple with this issue and hopefully we'll have a consistent response towards in it the next few years."

Victims are being asked to log on to the NSS website and fill out a questionnaire.

NSS director Tracey Morgan said: "The more people who complete this questionnaire, the better chance we have of making a real difference in the future."

NHS help for stalkers
19 Oct 01  |  England

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