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In pictures: Children's art study

Heaps of fabric

British-born Bangladeshi children took part in art and craft workshops and also kept diaries based on ideas about "home" and "away" and themes of journeys.

Child drawing

University of Sussex researchers asked the youngsters to create prints and drawings of objects that belonged at home - and scenes and images of "away".

Children embroidering

Crafts for the children at schools in Tower Hamlets included moulding papier mache, drawing maps and pictures, making prints, graffiti, collage, embroidery and writing.

Children choosing fabric

Some of the images of items ranging from palm trees to Nintendos were made out of pieces of fabric so they could later be attached to models of the world.

Papier mache globes

The children made blue papier mache globes before decorating them with images of their real lives to show their experiences of travelling between countries.

Girl drawing in chalk

Children drew circles of relatedness and listed all the elements of both London and abroad including holidays, shopping, aeroplanes and visiting relatives.

Flags on display in the exhibition

Pictures of Britain and Bangladesh were divided into blue flags for "home" and red flags for "away" but it was not always clear to the researchers which was which.

Blue flags

The prints on the blue "home" flags included images of both the landscape in Bangladesh and flags from different countries - including the UK.

Blue and red flags

The children, who were aged nine and 10 years old, decided that some prints, such as these images of painted hands, were both "home" and "away".

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