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Stillbirth midwife is struck off
Elizabeth and Len Reader
Elizabeth and Len Reader had Scarlett buried near their home
A midwife has been struck off for a catalogue of errors in a labour which resulted in a stillborn baby.

Elizabeth Reader, of Hawkhurst, Kent, said she believed baby Scarlett would have survived if the child's heart rate had been monitored throughout labour.

Midwife Peter Davies, 45, of Polegate, East Sussex was struck off on Monday by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) after being found guilty of misconduct.

His colleague Sandra Bickers, 45, of Bexhill, was given a caution.

Caesarean section

The NMC had heard at an earlier hearing that baby Scarlett was blue when she was placed on Mrs Reader's chest after the delivery at the Conquest Hospital, St Leonards, East Sussex on 16 June, 2004.

Mrs Reader had previously had an emergency Caesarean section when pregnant with twins.

But Davies ignored a senior doctor's instructions to monitor the baby's heart rate every 15 minutes and did not use the required specialist equipment.

"It is just such a waste of life," said Mrs Reader.

"If I'd had that continuous monitoring belt on they would have known she was in distress and she would have survived, I am quite sure of it."

Unable to resuscitate

Following the stillbirth, Davies raised the alarm but the resuscitation team was unable to revive Scarlett.

Davies denied misconduct, but the NMC found him guilty and that his fitness to practice was impaired.

Ms Bickers was also found guilty of misconduct but the chairman of the NMC panel said she genuinely believed the decision not to commence continuous monitoring was in accordance with Mrs Reader's wishes to have an active labour.

Mrs Reader and her husband, Len, had Scarlett buried near their home.

"The children talk about her and we have got her photographs," she said.

"She is a very important part of our lives."

The midwife was struck off after the birth at the Conquest

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