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Boy, five, praised after 999 call
Five-year-old Damien Smith with his mother, Michelle
Damien gave his address and described his mother's condition
The actions of a five-year-old boy who dialled 999 when his mother had a seizure were "incredible", ambulance crews have said.

Damien Smith gave emergency teams his address in Bexhill, and also described what had happened to his mother, after she collapsed in the garden.

His mother, Michelle, said it was a drill he had been through many times.

"I can have these seizures any time, so he has to know this stuff," she said. "He's a hero, I'm chuffed to bits."

She told BBC South East that doctors still do not know what is causing her seizures, but they can lead her to black out at any time, or stop breathing, and her life could be in her young son's hands.

He was a real brave little soldier
Mike Oliver

Her son, who will receive a certificate of commendation from the ambulance service, said: "I phoned the ambulance straight away.

"Then I went to next door and I said I didn't have a grown-up, because mummy's the only grown-up and looks after me."

The ambulance was on the scene in three minutes, said Mike Oliver, from South East Coast Ambulance service.

"He was a real brave little soldier," he added.

"It was incredible a five-year-old was able to call us, and call for further assistance, leaving his mum.

"And five-year-olds don't like to leave their mums, especially if they're injured."

James Pavey, from South East Coast Ambulance Service, added: "Essentially it could have made all the difference.

"Most importantly we knew where we were going.

"Without that vital piece of information, we would have struggled perhaps to find out where was."

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