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Last Updated: Friday, 15 February 2008, 12:31 GMT
Refuse collectors return to work
Rubbish bags (generic)
Residents have been advised to put their refuse out as normal
Residents in Brighton and Hove have been told it could take up to a week to clear a refuse backlog following a two-day unofficial strike.

Bin bags have been piling up around the Sussex city after workers took action in a row over staffing.

Rubbish collectors returned to work after a deal was reached between union representatives and managers over which rounds two workers were allocated to.

Refuse operator CityClean said it had all been a misunderstanding.

Black sacks

Spokeswoman Gillian Marston said: "We've reached an agreement that everyone is happy with, including the two crew members.

"Generally it means staff accept the principle that we can ask them to work flexibly and move them occasionally when workloads demand."

Residents have been advised to put their refuse out on their usual day, but to double-bag anything in black plastic sacks.

It is expected that normal schedules will be disrupted until next Friday.

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