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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 November 2007, 21:25 GMT
Man is charged with party murder
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Nunchuks were used in the fatal Halloween party attack
An 18-year-old man has been charged with killing a teenage boy at a Halloween party.

Police charged Richard McGarvey Martin, from Heath Way, Horsham, West Sussex, with the murder of Ricky Butler, who was 15-years-old.

He died in a nunchaku attack at the party, in Horsham, on Saturday morning.

The victim was taken to hospital following the attack, where he died. Nunchuks are made up of two sticks connected with a short chain or rope.

The dead youngster was one of two teenagers found with head injuries after police were called to the address in Horsham early on Saturday.

The other youth, a 16-year-old, needed stitches for his injuries.

Officers identified the 15-year-old, who lived in Leith View Road, Roffey, Horsham, on Sunday evening.

There were about 15 people aged in their early 20s and late teens at the fancy dress party when police arrived.

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