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Last Updated: Friday, 31 August 2007, 10:30 GMT 11:30 UK
Website to identify bad drivers
30mph speed limit sign
Speeding motorists could be reported to police on a website
A new police website is allowing people in Sussex to report instances of anti-social or inconsiderate driving.

Under the Operation Crackdown banner, officers are hoping motorists will turn in persistent bad drivers.

They can use the website to report people who speed, tailgate, use mobile phones at the wheel, or just drive dangerously or recklessly.

It has previously only been used for Sussex residents to register details of abandoned vehicles in their area.

Safer roads

Assistant Chief Constable Jeremy Paine said: "People all over Sussex have told us that anti-social driving - lack of consideration for other road users - is a major concern for them and it is for us too.

"They can now tell us about the motorists and riders who cause frustration, anger or worse to law-abiding road users.

"Operation Crackdown has been very successful in terms of cracking down on abandoned vehicles.

"We now want that success to continue through this expansion of the project, which will help make our roads and neighbourhoods safer, better places to live and work."

The website has a form to register what type of incident is being reported, including details about the vehicle involved.

Any motorists who show up persistently on a database could be visited or written to by police.

Operation Crackdown also has a telephone line for people without internet access to be able to log reports.

Action over anti-social drivers
16 Jul 07 |  Sussex

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