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Cricket club fined over McFly ads
Posters outside the county ground
The posters were screwed onto elm trees outside the ground
A cricket club has been fined after a council claimed posters for McFly and Rat Pack concerts damaged trees in one of the UK's last elm strongholds.

Three posters screwed to two elms outside Sussex County Cricket Club caused serious damage to the trees, Brighton and Hove City Council said.

The council removed them, with 28 other posters on major roads in the city, and fined the club more than 2,000.

The club said trees were not damaged and it was talking to the council.

The posters advertised concerts by the pop group and a Rat Pack tribute act later this month at the cricket ground in Eaton Road, Hove.

The three attached to the elm trees had to be removed professionally to avoid causing further damage to the bark, the council said.

"These people seem to be oblivious to the fact that the magnificent trees are living things," said council arboriculturist Rob Greenland.

Posters were flyposted on major roads
The advertisements were fly-posted on major roads in the city

"Wounding the bark of a tree in any way can lead to attack by airborne fungal spores.

"This could be fatal and ultimately result in the loss of the tree."

Council enforcement officers imposed a 75 fixed penalty notice for each of the 31 posters - a total of 2,325.

They said it was the largest fine they had ever issued for a single fly-posting incident.

Brighton and Hove City Council mounted a campaign to protect its 25,000 elms when more than 30 million trees were lost to Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s.

Today the city, along with Eastbourne, claims to have the oldest and largest population of elms remaining in the country.

Chief executive of the cricket club, Gus Mackay, said it employed an outside company to put up the posters.

"No damage has been made to any trees in the city and we will be discussing this issue with the council in more detail as soon as possible," he said.

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