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Debate over school lottery system
The lottery system provoked strong reactions from parents
A lottery system brought in to allocate some Brighton secondary school places is being discussed at a public meeting.

The city council brought in the system earlier this year saying it would give more pupils a better chance of entering popular schools.

The admissions scheme still has catchment areas, but a lottery will be used for over-subscribed schools.

School adjudicator Canon Richard Lindley is holding the meeting at Hove Town Hall after criticism from parents.

He has the authority to order detailed changes or reject the system completely.

His decision is expected within two months.

The have-nots have been left out
Councillor Pat Hawkes

Parents in the city who have protested against the move said they were optimistic the school adjudicator would act in their favour.

The campaign group, Schools 4 Communities, has said it wants a delay of a year for further research to be carried out.

Hundreds of parents attended public meetings, almost 4,000 people have signed a petition, and tens of thousands of leaflets have been distributed by campaigners.

Brighton and Hove City Council announced in February that the new system would be brought in from September 2008.

At the time, Councillor Pat Hawkes said: "Brighton and Hove is a city of haves and have-nots and the have-nots have been left out."

'Fairest solution'

Previously, priority in Brighton and Hove had been given to those who lived closest.

Now the city will be divided into six catchment areas and pupils will be expected to go to a school in their area.

Where there are two schools in one catchment area, admissions will be decided by lottery, not proximity.

The council is set to review the system this autumn after the first round of application forms have been submitted.

Council education director David Hawker has said the council remains confident the scheme is the fairest solution.

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