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Woman fined over dropped crisps
The Jubb family
The Jubb family were returning home from a hospital appointment
A council has apologised for issuing an 80 litter fine after a toddler dropped two crisps on the pavement.

Barbara Jubb's granddaughter, two-year-old Emily, dropped a packet of Quavers in Crawley, West Sussex.

Mrs Jubb, 57, picked up the bag but kicked two stray crisps into the gutter - and was given an on-the-spot fine by two council wardens.

"We have apologised to the family for being overzealous and are happy to have cancelled the fine," said the council.

Spotted by warden

Mrs Jubb, her daughter Selena and Emily were waiting at a bus stop to return home to Tilgate after a hospital appointment when they were spotted by one of the wardens.

"She promptly brought out her badge and said, 'You are being fined'," said Mrs Jubb.

"I was absolutely gobsmacked."

Emily's mother, Selena, said; "I thought Jeremy Beadle was going to pop out - it was that stupid.

"People at the bus stop couldn't believe what was going on."

Crawley Borough Council said it made no apology for targeting people making a mess of its streets.

"People have a responsibility not to drop litter," said Councillor Beryl Mecrow.

"Littering annoys the vast majority of residents who use litter bins or take their rubbish home with them."

The family say council wardens went too far

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