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School corridor used for lessons
West Green Primary School
The school does not have a library or a computer suite
Some pupils at a West Sussex school are having to be taught in a corridor because there are not enough classrooms for all the year groups.

West Green Primary School, in Crawley, used to be a first school but expanded into a primary four years ago when the education system changed.

It now has seven year groups, but its building only ever had six classrooms.

Council officials said plans had been drawn up to extend the school, including a temporary mobile classroom.

There's no shortage of classrooms
Peter Proudley, West Sussex County Council

Because of the larger number of year groups, two of them have had to be combined into one room meaning not all the children can fit in.

Parent Tracey Coleman said there were now more than 40 pupils in her son's class.

"Because the class is so big some of the children have to be taught in the corridors," she said.

Mrs Coleman added that the school also had no library, or space for computers.

"You expect every school to have these facilities... we want what every other child in West Sussex has got."

'Very successful'

Peter Proudley, senior education officer at the county council, said officials were already working with the school to bring about improvements.

"It has become very successful since it's become an all-through primary, and the numbers coming to this school have been coming along quicker than we anticipated.

"Notwithstanding that, there's six classrooms at the moment and about 172 pupils, so there's no shortage of classrooms."

The council said a mobile room would be brought on site in September when the number of pupils on the school roll will slightly exceed 180 for the first time.

Pupils at a Crawley school are being taught in the corridor

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