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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 March 2007, 15:03 GMT
Cherie at city homeless charity
Cherie Booth at Emmaus Brighton and Hove
Cherie Booth visited Brighton's Emmaus second-hand superstore
A charity that gives homeless people a place to live and helps them work has opened its doors to Cherie Booth QC.

The prime minister's wife was visiting Emmaus Brighton and Hove on Wednesday.

"It's not just about providing them with a roof over their head and a place to work. It's actually about allowing them to make a contribution," she said.

The visit was to mark the charity's 10th anniversary. Since 1997, Emmaus has helped about 300 people in Brighton who were sleeping rough.

Mrs Blair, a patron of the charity, was meeting residents and staff at the charity and visiting Emmaus' second-hand superstore, which sells donated furniture, electrical goods and bric-a-brac, and has a cafe and garden centre.

Emmaus Brighton and Hove is holding a birthday open day on 30 June.

The charity has branches across the UK, and former hostage Terry Waite, Emmaus UK president, was at Rochester Cathedral last month to launch a community in Medway.

It aims to give rough sleepers a home, work, and a family by placing homeless people in supportive communities, helping them to "rediscover dignity and self-worth".


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