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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 March 2007, 19:38 GMT
Napoli seabirds fly back to wild
Guillemot released into the wild
The RSPCA released some guillemots into the wild in Somerset
Seabirds contaminated by pollution from the wrecked MSC Napoli ship off Devon are being released into the wild after being treated in East Sussex.

The 100 birds, mainly guillemots, have been cared for and cleaned at the RSPCA's Mallydams Wood wildlife centre at Fairlight, near Hastings.

They are being released on Friday from Pett Level, near Winchelsea.

It follows the release on Thursday of 28 guillemots treated by the RSPCA at its West Hatch centre in Somerset.

They flew to freedom near Lynton on the north Devon coast.

Put to sleep

The birds were contaminated when oil leaked from the damaged 62,000 tonne container ship grounded off Sidmouth, Devon on 20 January.

Hundreds of birds died and another 371 had to be put to sleep by the RSPCA to prevent further suffering.

Others are still being treated by the animal charity at centres around the coast after Devon charities were overwhelmed by numbers affected.

The birds had to be flushed with charcoal to absorb oil from their stomachs, and their clogged feathers cleaned with detergent.


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