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Squirrel's accident 'ends magic'

St Martin's Church white squirrel

Residents of a Surrey town have set up a shrine and an online tribute page after a "celebrity" albino squirrel was run over.

The squirrel had lived in St Martin's churchyard off Dorking High Street for five years and was a favourite with local children and wildlife lovers.

More than 220 people have joined a Facebook page in the animal's memory since its demise last week.

A makeshift shrine has sprung up and residents hope to put up a plaque.

Lou Gardey was among the first on the scene of the accident.

"He was quite a character and was like our local celebrity," she said.

We all gave him nuts and food and now it is as if a little light has gone out
Lou Gardey, squirrel lover

Ms Gardey called the squirrel Snowy, but it was also known as Percy and Albi.

She arranged for Snowy to be buried in the churchyard.

"I thought he should have a place there with some dignity," she said.

"The children adored him and there were always squeals of delight when they spotted him.

"It was like a little fantasy land to walk through the churchyard and see this gorgeous creature.

"We all gave him nuts and food and now it is as if a little light has gone out.

"It is very sad and has taken some magic away from our lives, which we all need."

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