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Body odour ban for park visitors

A Thorpe Park ride
Deodorants will be available for nervous or excited customers

Rollercoaster riders at a Surrey theme park are being banned from putting their arms in the air - after complaints about body odour.

Notices have been put on scary rides at Thorpe Park and staff have been issued with deodorant sprays for customers.

Director Mike Vallis said visitors had complained about BO during a previous hot spell this year.

A spokesman said: "People may say it's all a publicity stunt but we take our customer feedback seriously."

Mr Vallis said the combination of hot weather and exciting rides could produce the unpleasant side-effect of an excess of body odour.

"The human body reacts to being scared and being thrilled by sweating a bit more," he said.

"We are asking people to keep their arms down in the present hot spell.

"In some extreme cases we may even ask people to move to the back of the train so the whole ride doesn't have to go through a cloud of someone else's BO."

The spokesman added there was no question of banning people with body odour from the park's rides - which include Stealth, Colossus and Nemesis Inferno - but they would be spoken to quietly and asked to use a deodorant before riding a rollercoaster.

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