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'Dumped' Porsche could be crushed

A Porsche Carrera that has been sitting in a car park for three weeks could be crushed if it is not reclaimed.

The car, which is about six years old, but costs about 70,000 new, was left at the Guildford Spectrum leisure complex in February.

The borough council has posted a notice on the car which says it could be removed or destroyed.

Alan Harkin, of Guildford Spectrum, said it was the first time a vehicle of such value had been left for so long.

The silver Porsche is not believed to have been stolen and has been taxed although it is not displaying a disc.

'Removal or disposal'

"It's not the sort of car that is left abandoned," Mr Harkin said. "We think it's been there for about three weeks.

"We often get cars left overnight when people go into town. It's a free car park.

"This is the first time a car of this sort has been left for such a long time."

Cllr Jenny Wicks, of Guildford Borough Council, said there were a number of factors considered when deciding if a car has been abandoned.

"These include the condition, the length of time it has been in place, whether the vehicle is taxed, if there is a registered keeper or has number plates missing," she said.

"We investigate reported vehicles via the DVLA and send out an inspector.

"If we think a vehicle is abandoned on the highway, we will issue a 24-hour notice.

"If the vehicle is not moved or claimed after this, we will look to remove the vehicle for storage or disposal."

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