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Burglar in violent attack on dog

Tyson was repeatedly kicked in the head and abdomen by an intruder

An intruder who broke into a house in Surrey and was confronted by a small pet dog subjected the animal to an "appalling" attack, police have said.

The burglar repeatedly kicked the Shitsu in the head and abdomen, leaving it with internal bleeding and injuries to its eyes.

Police said the suspect searched the house in Reigate but left empty-handed.

The dog, called Tyson and aged one-and-a-half, had emergency veterinary treatment and is making good progress.

Pc Emma Newton said she was "appalled" at the level of violence to a much-loved and friendly family pet.

She said his owners had gone through "a very distressing time", by having their home broken into and seeing their dog "so traumatised".

Appealing for information, she said the offender broke into the house in Potters Way between 0845 and 1745 BST on Thursday.

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