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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 March 2008, 21:31 GMT
Size 16 model becomes Miss Surrey
Chloe Marshall
Chloe Marshall wants to give a boost to other "curvy" girls
A 16-year-old girl has become the first size 16 model to be selected as a finalist for the Miss England contest.

Chloe Marshall, from Guildford, was chosen over seven other girls to take the title of Miss Surrey at the local finals in Liphook, Hampshire.

The beauty therapy student said she wanted to break through the stereotype that models have to be tall and skinny.

"I want to show girls out there that it is possible to be beautiful and not a standard sized zero," she said.

The teenager, who is on the books of the Models Plus model agency, said her aim was to give reassurance and a confidence boost to other "curvy" girls.

"I wanted to make a bit of a statement.

"When I studied the other entrants for the Miss Surrey competition I concluded that pretty as the contestants were, they were equally all uniformly blonde and Barbie doll-like," she said.

Stevie Walters, of Models Plus, said Chloe had a "luscious" figure at 5ft 10in, a size 16 and 38DD bustline.

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