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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 August 2007, 17:09 GMT 18:09 UK
Farm 'cordon breach' charges made
Restricted zone
Two members of the media are alleged to have breached a cordon
Two members of the media are facing prosecution for allegedly entering the foot-and-mouth disease protection zone in Surrrey.

Philip Hollis, 44, from Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, and James Purkiss, 37, from Swindon, Wiltshire, were arrested on Saturday.

They had allegedly breached a cordon in the 3km protection zone around the first infected farm, near Wanborough.

The pair have been charged under Section 27 of the Animal Health Act.

The two men are now due to appear at South West Surrey Magistrates' Court, in Guildford, on Friday.

They are being prosecuted by Surrey County Council's trading standards team.

Surrey Police said they were arrested and disinfected on Saturday, and had potentially contaminated equipment seized.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Rowley said: "No members of the public have tried to get inside contaminated areas... so far, two photographers have been arrested.

"These restrictions are in place to protect contaminated sites and prevent the possible spread of the disease.

"We will not hesitate to arrest anyone who enters these sites," he added.

Cattle have been culled at two farms where foot-and-mouth has been confirmed, and at a third one where the disease is suspected.

There are clear signs prohibiting entry to footpaths and other areas within the 3km (1.8 mile) protection zone around the affected farms.

A 10km (6.2 mile) surveillance zone is also in place.

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