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Last Updated: Monday, 18 June 2007, 16:40 GMT 17:40 UK
Dog poo vandals cause health risk
Dog poo graffiti
Bus shelters in Addlestone have been targeted by the vandals
Youths who have smeared dog faeces on car windows and bus shelters in a Surrey town are putting themselves and others at risk, police have said.

Runnymede officers said groups of youngsters had also targeted telephone boxes in Addlestone and thrown bags of dog faeces off motorway bridges.

They believe the dog mess has been taken from public bins.

Contact with dog faeces can lead to reduced vision and blindness through an infection known as toxocariasis.

Sgt Paul Grinter said: "This is an absolutely disgusting crime which causes misery to the victims affected who have to clear up the mess afterwards.

"We will not tolerate this sort of behaviour and will prosecute anyone we find involved in this criminal activity.

"I would also urge parents to take more responsibility for their children's actions and know what they are up to when they go out with friends."

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