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Six arrested as station targeted
Guildford railway station
Metal detector arches were deployed at Guildford railway station
Six people were arrested on suspicion of carrying drugs as Friday night revellers were targeted in an operation to crack down on crime on the railways.

British Transport Police (BTP) were at Guildford station in Surrey with two drugs dogs.

They also deployed a walk-through metal detector similar to those used at airports to detect people carrying knives and other weapons.

No knives were found on the 300 people who walked through the arch.

"Friday nights tend to be a time when there is more low-level disorder and anti-social behaviour at Guildford, with alcohol a contributing factor," said Insp Mick Morriss.

'Offer reassurance'

The deployment in Guildford was part of Operation Shield, a UK-wide campaign by BTP to eradicate knife crime and drugs from the railways.

"A policing presence at the station is aimed at dealing with rogue passengers and at the same time offering reassurance to law-abiding commuters," said Insp Morriss.

Since Operation Shield began in London a year ago, more than 55,000 people have been asked to walk through the metal detector.

Police have made 466 arrests and seized 273 weapons including knives, hammers, CS gas canisters and bats.

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