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Bungalow in barn to be demolished
The bungalow was built inside a barn
Graham Head has eight weeks to demolish his home inside the barn
A farmer who built a bungalow inside his barn to bypass planning laws has been ordered to demolish the structure.

Graham Head constructed his home on the North Downs under the cover of darkness and behind fences and a wall of hay.

Planning officers for Mole Valley District Council were tipped off by ramblers who were concerned about the activity on the Surrey farm.

After a legal battle Mr Head has been ordered by the council to demolish the building within the next eight weeks.

Gary Rhoades, of Mole Valley District Council, said: "When enforcement officers went on to the site the barn was filled with straw bales from floor to ceiling."

Four-year rule

Mr Head had hoped he would be able to keep his structure, which had been built on greenbelt land and without planning permission, because he had lived there for four years.

He said: "I suppose I took the risk but again I felt that I had substantial evidence to prove, on the four-year rule that current legislation lays down, that I live here to gain the certificate.

"And that's what I decided to do."

The council said the issue was not whether Mr Head lived there but whether he had planning permission.

The bungalow Graham Head built

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