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Suffolk victims 'with weird man'
Paula Clennell
A witness said Miss Clennell was upset with her boyfriend

A sex worker has told a court how a "weird man" claimed to have "been with" all of the five prostitutes who were found dead in Suffolk in December 2006.

The witness, identified as Miss F, was with 24-year-old Paula Clennell in Ipswich the night she vanished.

Miss F told jurors at Ipswich Crown Court she found it "strange" the man, called Tom Stephens, "kept hanging around working girls".

Steve Wright, 49, from Suffolk, denies murdering the women.

Miss F said she had known Mr Stephens, who she described as "a bit weird", since early 2006 and had seen him after he was questioned by Suffolk Police.

"He drove some of the girls about and I know he drove Tania Nicol about and a few other girls," she said.

'DNA concern'

Miss F said: "I spoke to Tom Stephens after he was released from the police station. He was concerned about the way he was treated."

She said Mr Stephens had talked about Miss Nicol and added: "I remember him saying that she shaved her legs in his bath."

He was "worried" that DNA would be found on his sheets and in his bath, the trial heard.

The court was also told Mr Stephens had said to one of Miss F's friends he "had been with all the girls that had been murdered but as yet had not had you".

Earlier jurors heard that Miss F and Miss Clennell were together in the early hours of 10 December.

Steve Wright
Steve Wright denies murdering the five women

She told the court how she and Miss Clennell had taken heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine over the previous two days.

Miss Clennell was angry that her boyfriend would not give them money for drugs so she went out to work, the court heard.

Miss F said: "She got a bit upset. She got a bit mad actually. She said 'I'll show him'.

She added: "He (the boyfriend) thought a lot of her. They were close."

Miss Clennell stopped at a friend's house in London Road, Ipswich, where the two women parted and Miss F did not see her again, the court heard.

Miss Clennell, Miss Nicol, Anneli Alderton, Annette Nicholls and Gemma Adams went missing during six weeks from October to December 2006 before their bodies were found.

The trial was adjourned for the week and will resume on Monday.

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