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Murder probe hit by Kenya unrest
Julie Ward
Julie Ward's remains were found in a game reserve
An investigation into the murder of Suffolk wildlife photographer Julie Ward has been hindered by unrest in Kenya, her father has said.

John Ward, 73, from Bury St Edmunds, was recently told new DNA evidence had been found in excrement which was taken from the scene at the time.

Because of the recent trouble in Kenya he is unable to pursue it with the Kenyan authorities.

The burned remains of Miss Ward, 28, were found in a game reserve in 1988.

Businessman Mr Ward, 73, said: "I was contacted early last month with the evidence but I said do nothing until after the election.

"Now with what has happened we can't do anything. It is terrible out there.

"But it could have a positive result as the existing government was never at all co-operative."

'Good DNA sample'

Mr Ward had kept forensic samples he found himself at the scene in the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya when he went to investigate the death.

They were eventually handed over to Scotland Yard to see if they produced any links to killers.

They have now produced a good DNA sample on excrement found at the scene.

Mr Ward said: "They wanted to go to Kenya to do mouth swabs from a number of suspects who have said they have never been to the scene.

"If we could prove otherwise they would have some explaining to do."

Earlier trials

But he has been delayed in checking out the DNA matches because of hitches over whether British authorities could investigate abroad.

Mr Ward successfully challenged a claim that human rights legislation prevented detectives from investigating certain crimes abroad, then a claim under the Police Act 1996 which he was told also prevented further investigation.

In 1988 at first the Kenya authorities claimed Miss Ward had been eaten by wild animals but Mr Ward managed to prove his daughter had been murdered.

Three men were later charged but acquitted at two separate trials of being involved in her murder.

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